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How to Install Android Apps and Google Play on Fire Tablet: Convert Kindle Fire to Android Tablet (No Rooting)

Amazon Kindle Fire Tablets operate on Fire OS. Only a few apps on the Amazon store for your Fire Tablet can be found. However, you can easily set up your Amazon tablet to install apps from the Google Play Store. Amazon Fire is an Android-based OS, and most of the Android Apps from the Google Play Store will work on your Amazon Fire Tablet.

Now let’s go through the process step by step to install Android apps and Google Play on Amazon Kindle Fire HD.


  1. Convert Kindle Fire to Android Tablet and Install Android Apps
  2. Step 1: Change Fire Tablet App Installation Permission
  3. Step 2: Download Google APK Files On Kindle Fire
  4. Step 3: Find Downloaded Files on Amazon Fire
  5. Step 4: Install Google Play on Amazon Fire Tablet from APK
  6. Step 5: Verify the Android Apps on Amazon Fire
  7. Step 6: Register with the Google Play Store to Install Android Apps
  8. Step 7: Troubleshooting Steps
  9. Video Tutorial to Install Google Play Store on Amazon FireTab

Convert Kindle Fire to Android Tablet and Install Android Apps

The first step to installing Android Apps on Amazon Fire is to install Google Play Store on Kindle Fire Tablet. Once you have Google Play on the Kindle Fire tablet, you can install the Android Apps on Amazon Kindle Fire and operate it like an Android Tablet. There is no rooting required to install Google Play on Kindle Fire Tablets. Before you start, please see a few things you must follow.

Important Things to Check:

  1. When you tap on these APK links, the APK files will start downloading on your Amazon tablet. You may see a warning about the “old version” or the availability notification of the “new version”. You can just ignore those messages.
  2. Please see the Troubleshooting Step 7 if you find any Package Parse Error or Gray INSTALL button.
  3. Please download and install all these four files in the same order provided below. If you make any changes in the order, please uninstall the APK files (uninstall apps on Kindle Fire) and install back all of them in the same order.
  4. Please remove any micro SD cards if you already have them in your Kindle Fire tab while you installing the APK files. This is to avoid the automatic installation of files on the SD card.
  5. Amazon Kindle Fire tablet keeps all downloaded files in Tab’s Download folder. You can see all downloaded files in the folder if you want to see them.
  6. Always install the stable version of APK files. Do not install any beta version, and those may not work on the Kindle Fire tab.
  7. Check the Kindle Fire Tab OS version and update it, if available, before installing Google Play on Kindle Fire. You can check for updates from Fire Tab Settings > Device Options > System Updates > Check Now.
  8. Although you get Google Play Store on your Fire tablet, you will not see certain apps like Netflix as they are only available for SafetyNet-certified devices by Google. You can still install such apps from Amazon App Store or third-party Android app stores.

Step 1: Change Fire Tablet App Installation Permission

Google Play Store app is not available on the Amazon App store, and you can’t install them from the Amazon Store. Instead, we must depend on Android App’s APK Files to install Google Play App on Kindle Fire.

Before installing APK files or any other third-party apps or Google Play Store on Amazon Fire, you have to change the permission on Android Fire Tablet. Open your Fire Tablet, head over to;

  1. Amazon Fire Settings
  2. Tap on Security
  3. See Apps from Unknown Sources on the Advanced screen.
  4. Tap to Turn On
  5. Click OK on Warning.

Android Fire Install Apps from Unknown Source

Now your Amazon Fire Kindle will allow you to install third-party apps, including the APK files we will install in the following steps.

Step 2: Download Google APK Files on Kindle Fire

The next step is downloading and installing APK files on your Amazon Fire Tablet, including Google Play Store. Four APK files are required to download and install on Amazon Tablet to install Google Play on Fire tablet.

As you know, there is no Google Chrome or Firefox browser on Kindle Fire Tab. Instead, the Fire Tablet comes with a default Silk browser. To go ahead with APK Install, please open this article on your Amazon Tablet Silk Browser (if you are on a desktop now) and tap on the links provided for each APK file.

Side Note: If you have difficulty typing the URL for APK files, please install any free QR Code Reader on your Fire Tab.

  1. Open the App Store (Amazon) on Fire Tab.
  2. Search for QR Reader App and Install one of them.
FireTab Android App Install QR-Code
Scan this QR Code to load the article on Fire Tab

Now you can scan the QR code we provided here with the QR Reader app you installed to load this article on your Fire Tablet. Now you are good to follow the rest of the steps.

The APK File Version that you need to install on the Fire Tab may vary depending on the model of the Fire Tab you have. To check the Fire Tab versions, Open Fire Tab Settings > Device Options & System > Device Model > Get the model name.

Once you get the model name of your Kindle Fire tab, scroll down and click on the Amazon link provided for each model for the APK links. Please check Amazon Kindle Fire Tab Version and download the matching set of APK files (four) provided below.

Update: Updated the APK links to install Google Play on Amazon Fire 10 Tablet, 2021 Release.

Fire HD 10 tablet 10.1″ 1080 Full HP (2021 Release)

  1. Google Account Manager v7.1.2
  2. Google Services Framework v10
  3. Google Play Services v21.06.65
  4. Google Play Store v24.7.20

You can check the model details: Amazon Fire HD 10 Tab 2021 Release

Fire HD 8, Fire HD 10 (10th Gen, 2020 Model)

  1. Google Account Manager v7.1.2
  2. Google Services Framework v10
  3. Google Play Services v21.06.65
  4. Google Play Store v24.7.20

You can check the model details: Amazon Fire HD 10 Tab 10th Gen

Fire HD 10 (9th Gen, 2019 Model), Fire HD 10 Kids Edition

  1. Google Account Manager v7.1
  2. Google Services Framework v9
  3. Google Play Services v19.8
  4. Google Play Store v17.9

You can check the model details: Amazon Fire HD 10 Tab 9th Gen | Amazon Fire HD 10 Kids Edition

Fire HD 10 (6th, 7th Gen), Fire HD 8 (6th, 7th Gen)

  1. Google Account Manager v5.1
  2. Google Services Framework v5.1
  3. Google Play Services v17.7
  4. Google Play Store v15.8

You can check the model details: Amazon Fire HD 10 Tab 7th Gen | Amazon Fire HD 8 Tab 7th Gen

Fire HD 10 (5th Gen) / Fire HD 8 (5th Gen) / Fire HDX 8.9 (4th Gen) / Fire HD 6 (4th Gen) / Fire 7 (5th, 6th, 7th Gen)

  1. Google Account Manager APK v5.1
  2. Google Services Framework APK v5.1
  3. Google Play Services APK v9.8
  4. Google Play Store APK v7.0

You can check the model details: All Amazon Fire Tab Models

Fire HD 8 (8th Gen, 2018 Model)

  1. Google Account Manager v7.1
  2. Google Services Framework v7.1
  3. Google Play Services v17.7
  4. Google Play Store v15.8

You can check the model details: Amazon Fire HD 8 Tab 8th Gen

Fire 7 (9th Gen)

  1. Google Account Manager v7.1.2
  2. Google Services Framework v7.1.2
  3. Google Play Services v17.7
  4. Google Play Store v15.8

You can check the model details: Amazon Fire 7 Tab 9th Gen

When the Amazon Silk browser completes the downloading of each file, the pop-up will ask you to download the downloaded APK file.

Install APK Amazon Fire

Click OK and proceed to download the files on your Fire Tablet. Once the download completes, the pop-up screen will ask you to install the APK file of the app or Google Play on Fire Tablet. Please be aware that, all four APK files should install in the same order we provided above. Follow the same steps to download and install all four APK files mentioned above links.

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Step 3: Find Downloaded Files on Amazon Fire

Just like File Explorer on Windows or Android phones, Amazon Fire OS has an app called “Docs.” All downloaded files are available in the Fire Tablet Download folder. You can use this Fire OS “Docs” App to open the “Download” folder. If you miss any installation files after downloading, you can download the rest of the files first. After downloading all four files,

  1. Open the Docs App
  2. Tap Local Storage Tab
  3. See the Download Folder
  4. Now you can see All downloaded files.

Note: There is an alternative solution to find the download files on the Amazon Fire Tablet. Open Amazon Fire’s default browser, Silk Browser. Tap on Hamburger Menu on the Top left to get Amazon Silk Menu > Downloads. Now you can see all the downloaded files over there.

Step 4: Install Google Play on Amazon Fire Tablet from APK

Once you find the downloaded APK files and locate them as Step 3 says, you can go ahead and install them one by one. Just tap on these files one by one to install the APK files.

Install APK on Amazon Fire HD

Once you tap on the files, you will get a screen with an install button on the bottom right. Tap on INSTALL to install these APK files of Android apps or Google Playon Fire tablet. If you find the INSTALL button in Grey and are unable to install it, please read troubleshooting Step 7.

Step 5: Verify the Android Apps on Amazon Fire

During the installation of each APK, you can see all the information about each APK file, like the screenshot we provided below.

Google APK for Amazon Fire

Once you complete all APK installations, you can verify the installed App on Amazon Fire App Section.

Android Fire Manage Apps

  1. Open Fire Tablet Settings
  2. Tap on Apps& Games
  3. See Manage All Applications screen
  4. Tap on the Downloaded tab.

You can see all Android Apps installed on the Fire Tablet used with the APK files as you now did convert Kindle Fire to an Android tablet. Please make sure that all four files are installed there to proceed to the next step.

Step 6: Register with the Google Play Store to Install Android Apps

Now it’s time to open the Google Play Store on the Fire tablet you installed. Tap on the Google Play Store app and register with your Google Account to start with Google Play Store. Once you register onto Google Play Store, you can install any Android App you want. Check our article to clean and speed up the Android phone.

We have installed a few apps, including Google Chrome, Google Maps, and Google Play, on Amazon Fire Tablet directly from Google Play Store. To make your life easy, Google introduced Lite Apps that use fewer resources from your device. If you don’t want to spare much system CPU and memory for Android Apps, you can install these Lite Apps from the Android Store.

Android Fire Google Play Store Open

As you can see in the screenshot below, we installed a couple of Android Apps like Google Maps, Chrome, GBorad, Waze, Gmail, and Google Play on the Amazon Kindle Fire tablet through the Google Play Store.

Install Android Apps Kindle Fire HD

Amazon Settings and Google Settings App will work on their own to handle the Amazon tab settings and Google Account Settings, respectively.

Step 7: Troubleshooting Steps

Depending on your Amazon Fire Tablet OS and the APK files you are installing, you may find some issues with this APK installation process. We listed a couple of errors we faced in the entire process.

1. Parse Error on Amazon Fire Tablet

Depending on the Fire OS, you have to install the right APK Version on Fire OS. If you have an old Fire Tablet with OS version 4 or below, these APK files may not work with the Fire Tablet. Once you try to install the wrong APK version files, you will get a Parse Error on the Fire tablet with the message “There was a problem parsing the package.”

Amazon Fire Tablet Parse Error

You may get the same Parse error if you try a different version of APK files on a Fire tablet. We linked the right APK files version tested on Amazon Fire HD 8 7th Generation with Fire OS Please try to use the same version of your Fire Tablet.

2. Fire OS Install Button Gray (Not Active)

This is the second error we got while we tried to install the APK files. We noticed this error (maybe a Fire OS bug) on the new Fire OS 5.6. There is a workaround to solve this issue.

Amazon Fire APK Install Grey

Once you are on the left screen with the Gray INSTALL button, press and release the Amazon Fire Power Button just one time. Do not shut down the tablet at this point. You have to press and release the power button one time, which will turn off the screen. Then press and release the power button again to turn on the screen and unlock the tablet. Now you will see the INSTALL button in yellow (active). You can tap on the Install button to proceed with the APK File installation.

3. Google Play Store Is Not Working

You shouldn’t face any problems if you installed the right version of APK files based on your Fire Tablet. If you’re facing any issues with Google Play Store, reboot the Fire Tab. Hold the power button until you see “Power Off,” and tap on it. Press the power button to turn that Fire tab On.

4. Google Play Store is Not Compatible with Kindle Fire

You may end up with a Play Store APK file compatibility error with your Kindle Fire model. If you end up with such an error, you can install the latest version of APK for Google Play Services APK (item 3) and Google Play Store APK (item 4). We do not recommend any beta version of APK files for the Google Play Store.

5. Unable to Sign in to Google Play with Fire Kindle

You may need to clear the app data if you end up on this sign-in issue. You must clear the Google Play Store data and start like a brand-new one.

Google Play Store Clear Data

  1. Open Fire Tab Settings.
  2. Tap on Apps & Notifications.
  3. Select Manage All Applications.
  4. Tap on Google Play Store from the list
  5. Now, tap on FORCE STOP
  6. Tap to CLEAR DATA.
  7. Finally, tap on CLEAR CACHE

Now you have stopped the Play Store and cleaned the data. Now you can open the Play Store app again to start and try to Sign-in with your Google credentials.

6. Unable to Install Android Apps on Kindle Fire

The Google Play Store cache files will cause some issues, and you won’t be able to install the Apps from the Android Store on Amazon Tab. The quick solution is to Clear Data and Cache files of the Google Play Store. Follow the steps below;

  1. Fire Tab Settings App
  2. Apps & Games (might be a different name on your Fire Tab
  3. Tap on Manage All Applications
  4. Google Play Store (Under Downloaded) Force Stop.
  5. Now you can tap on Clear Cache.

Now you can return to Google Play Store App installed and try to install Android Apps on Kindle and see if that works.

7. Reboot Kindle Fire Tab

Sometimes simple restart will work. Hold the Power button until you see the pop-up screen to Power off. Tap on ok. Press the power button and release it to turn on the Fire tab back.

8. Factory Reset the Fire Tablet

If none of the above solutions work, you can factory reset your Kindle Fire tab. Please try this as your last resort. You may lose all the data if you have a backup. And never try to restore the tab from the backup, and start as a fresh tablet and try the above steps. To factory reset, Open Tab Settings > Device Options > Reset to Factory Defaults.

Best Android Apps to Install on Kindle Fire Tab

Once you install Android Apps and Google Play on Amazon Kindle Fire, we recommend installing the official browser app from Google, Google Chrome (download link), and set it as the default browser. Once you install the Chrome browser, you can install a couple of Android Apps that are the basic apps to convert your Amazon Kindle Fire to an Android tablet. we have listed a few Android app links below for Kindle Fire.

  • Google (Apps to Search and sync your account).
  • YouTube (Official YouTube app for Android phones and tablets)
  • Google Calendar (Official Google Calendar app)
  • Google Duo (Video calling app from Google)
  • Google Home (App to manage and control your Google Home and Chromecast devices).

There are more apps, especially the lite Apps for Android, that you can install on Kindle Fire if you are concerned about memory and resource. You can check here for the best Google Lite Apps.

Video Tutorial to Install Google Play Store on Amazon Kindle Fire 

Additional Tips to Utilize Kindle Fire Tablet

Do you think the Amazon Fire Tablet is underutilized? The above solution will bring all Google Play to the Kindle Fire tablet. We have brought Show Mode Charging Dock for Alexa tablet to transform our Fire HD8 into a full-screen Alexa. You can use this to show the weather, play songs, read the news, call friends and family, etc. You can buy Show Mode Charging Dock for Fire HD 8 or for Fire HD 10 from Amazon.

Amazon Fire is an excellent tablet with a dual camera and powerful hardware. However, you may need help finding your favorite Apps on the Amazon App Store. You must depend on Google Play Store to install your favorite apps on the Amazon Fire Tablet.

Once you have the Google Play Store on the Amazon Fire HD tablet, you can install any Android App from Google Play Store just like an Android tablet. Now you have an excellent tablet with many apps from Play Store and Amazon’s powerful hardware.

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    I had read about possible rooting approaches, and I really didn’t want to screw that deeply with the device, but these instructions were perfect, well-explained, and easy to follow, and now I have the Android I wanted.

    • Don,
      We are glad to help you and much appreciated for sharing your experience. This is going to encourage our team members to publish more helpful articles like this.

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    I successfully installed Google play etc and managed to install a few apps. However, I cant get 1 of the games to run. Star Wars Commander (Amazon version) is being withdrawn so I now installed SWC from Google Play onto my Fire. It installs ok but will not run past the initial splash screen.
    For info. If the Amazon version is left on my Fire, Google does not seem to know it is there. It lists all my apps on device, except SWC. I can even load both versions, but standard android version wont work.
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    • Update: I got it to work. On a hunch, I did a factory set, elected NOT to do the immediate system update and rather came here first, and Play Store and most of my apps are working without a hitch. Some that did install on Fire 8 HD refuse to install on the Fire 7. Mostly games, so only a mild annoyance.

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  38. I had the same Play Store loop problems as others initially but sideloading the apps prior to the Fire updating sort of fixed it but I then found I couldn’t update ‘Play Services’ as requested. It would download but fail to install so I checked the link addresses for the Fire 7 tablet and found I was being directed to the wrong version of ‘Play Services’.
    The app version I was linked to and downloaded was com.google.android.gms_17.7.85_(020400-253824076)-17785010_minAPI21(arm64-v8a,armeabi-v7a)(nodpi)_apkmirror.com.apk when it should have linked to com.google.android.gms_17.7.85_(020300-253824076)-17785006_minAPI21(armeabi-v7a)(nodpi)_apkmirror.com.apk
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      • I’ve tried this on 2 new Fire 8 Tablets and having success a month or two ago on 3 other Fire Tablets I’m used to knowing how to get it working but the 2 today I get the neverending log-in loop. So this is an issue. I’m going to see if I have the DL’s on the other tablets to see if they are the same versions and if they are – there’s something wrong w/these APK’s for the new 8 versions. PS- i was able to get Play working on both the FIRST time and d/l a bunch of apps – thank goodness since now I’m caught in the log-in-loop hell.

          • I updated one of my other Tablets and it’s the same make, model, version, OS etc and the Play store still works yet the 2 new ones have the perpetual Google Play log-in screen – VERY frustrating.

  39. I think when I set up the Google framework on my Amazon Fire HD 8 (8th generation, 2018), it asked me if I wanted to use either Google text to speech voices or Amazon’s Ivona text to speech voices. I left it alone because I didn’t know how to answer that.
    Would I be able to use Ivona text to speech voices with Google apps like the read aloud feature in Google Books? Is there a way I can fix that without having to reinstall the Google framework again?.
    The text to speech feature is very important to me since I am using the tablet as an accessible e-reader.

    Your instructions worked very well for me. All I had to do differently was to update Google Play Store when prompted to do so.

  40. I think when I set up the Google framework on my Amazon Fire HD 8 (8th generation, 2018), it asked me if I wanted to use either Google text to speech voices or Amazon’s Ivona text to speech voices. I left it alone because I didn’t know how to answer that.
    If I reinstall the Google framework, can I tell it to use Amazon’s Ivona text to speech voices? Can I fix that without having to reinstall the Google framework again?.
    The text to speech feature is very important to me since I am using the tablet as an accessible e-reader.

    Your instructions worked very well for me. All I had to do differently was to update Google Play Store when prompted to do so. Thank you.

  41. I’m holding off on buying the Fire 7 9th Gen as I’m not sure whether or not I’ll be able to download the Barnes & Noble app on it (after following your above directions). Can anyone tell me if you’ve had success? I’m not big on using the tablet for much else and don’t want to spend the money if I’m stuck with only my Amazon books.

  42. The process worked great but the app in play store is saying it is not compatible with my devise. It’s the American airlines app to play movies on the plane and without it the tablet is of no use to me. Any suggestions?

  43. I cannot get the third one to download. It gets close to the end then says forbidden. Please helo! This is a Christmas present for my daughter.

  44. I tried this couple days ago on one tablet and it worked. since yesterdays trying to do this on other tablets same model (fire he 8, 8th generation) and now Google services need newer version and it’s asking for update there fire Google play store isn’t working

  45. I used this workaround for my new Amazon Fire HD 10 yesterday. I used the downloads for the Fire 7 (9th edition) because my Fire 10 said 9th edition. It worked perfectly! There are some of my apps that are not compatible with the android version on the fire, but all the main apps I use are working with no issues thus far and hopefully there will be none! I want to say thank you for posting this so that I can get the best out of my Fire tablet!

  46. Searched everywhere for a page like this but without any joy until I arrived here. Others just seemed to ignore the issues with no responses to alot of questions. Not you. Top job. Now bookmarked you. Many thanks.

  47. Thanks so much! I was dumbstruck that I couldn’t install Firefox on my brand new Fire HD 8. Found this site and found hope. I was a little concerned about which APKs I should install because my Fire just updated to FireOS Since I thought I read somewhere that the Fire 7 was sold with FireOS, I thought I’d try the APKs you suggest for the Fire 7. Worked like a charm! I’m now browsing with Firefox.

  48. I was able to successfully install Google Play store on an Amazon Fire 10 he (2019/9th generation). But having trouble with the Disney+ app working prope. Any suggestions? Thanks

  49. So I deleted the files and tried again – still won’t work on my Fire HD 8/8th Gen Tablet. It’s a continual loop asking me to log-into Google each time. Extremely frustrating and confusing.

  50. Tried that – clearing the cache. Even tried installing the 7th gen just in case and still…the continuous loop of asking me to log-in…

  51. All – I found out what the issue is if you’re having the infinite log-in loop. You MUST remove your SD card and re-format you Fire HD back to factory. Do NOT insert the SD card. Follow the instructions above and it will work. I deduced this after thinking about the first 3 I did this on I had not installed SD cards until AFTER I did this. I removed the card, re-set it to factory and kept the SD card out and then did it and successful. It even updated the Play Store app. And JUST in case I downloaded the 4 files, installed them in order and then restarted the tablet before opening the Play store and logging in. I hope this helps those in the infinite log-in loop!

    • Thank you for mentioning the SD card issue and sharing your experience, we have listed this one in Important Things to Check:> #4.

  52. Does anyone know if apps installed through the Google Play Store can be made available in Amazon Freetime? I tried something like this on my son’s HD8 and had some problems and now I’m considering getting him an HD10. I figured a fresh install would be the opportune time to revisit this, as there have been many apps he’s wanted in the past that the Amazon Store didn’t have.


  53. You’re the best! Thorough and clear instructions. Worked like a champ on all of my Fires!!!!!! Thank you!

  54. Instructions are great. What’s frustrating is I always seem one file that says file seems to be currupted. Any ideas?

  55. Finally got Gmail on my Kindle Fire! The instructions were spot on. I consider myself
    on the low side of tech savvy, and I had no problems. If I can do it, anybody can.

  56. Today, April 23, 2020, I used your instructions on my Amazon Fire HD 10 Tablet and was successful. I had no problem downloading and running the apps that I had been denied.

    I agree with Don Morton. Your directions were spot on and easy to follow.

    Thank you!


  57. Worked for me today. Play Store wouldn’t launch at first. I think it was because I installed the downloads in the wrong order. Uninstalled and tried again installing in order and it worked.

  58. In my experience these online instructions never work BUT this set did. Brilliant. Thank you. The only problem I had with my Kindle FIre 8 was the sign in to Google Play Store but I kept at it and did what you wrote and it is all now working. Thank you so much

  59. everything seemed to work but once I logged into the Google play store and tried downloading apps they stall at “Download pending” and don’t download. Thoughts?

  60. Thanks for this, however brave rewards don’t work. I think it’s to do with cts profile match failure. Any ideas how to fix? Cheers

  61. Jim, it works for me on my Fire HD 10. I’ve yet to come across anything it won’t run, but as Daren points out, there are still times when the fix won’t work. Guess it depends on the app.

  62. I followed your directions I was able to download All of the AVP files and google play. My problem is that when I tried to download google home it says installed and then it shows the last time I installed it was on my android phone.It’s says it will be installing soon but it has been hours and I still can’t open it.

    • You may have more than one Android devices registered under the same Google account. Please make sure you have selected your Amazon Tab to install the apps.
      Alternatively, you can try a different Google account for PlayStore to install the apps on Amazon Fire Tablet.

  63. OMG!! I actually did this and it works!! I am so excited!! There was a specific Google app that I could only use on my phone!! Thank you so much!!

  64. I am looking for the same type of downloads to be able to install Android apps, but I have an older version Kindle Fire HDX (3rd Generation)

  65. I have fire tablet HD 8, 10th edition and I’m getting parse error. I tried all 3 versions on apxmirror site but keep getting error. Any suggestions?

  66. On a new Fire HD8 (10th gen, 2020 model) running FireOS all the variants of:

    Google Services Framework v10

    get “problem parsing package”

    • You may get the same Parse error if you try a different version of APK files on a Fire tablet. Can you uninstall and install back?

      • I was having issues with the Google Services Framework..
        About 18 months ago I did this process successfully with my HD8 Gen 10. The tablet broke. (Don’t drop them on the screen.) I ended up with the Parse error. Turns out the “new” HD8 Gen 10, is the same as the one I bought in 2020.

        So, I went back and looked at the version I successfully installed back then. Once I located the earlier version of the Google Services Framework and installed it, everything was fine.

        Current List
        Previous Version
        Google Account Manager v7.1.2
        2020 Version 7.1.2
        Google Services Framework v10
        2020 Version 9-4832352
        Google Play Services v21.06.65
        2020 Version 21.48.15 (100300-414534850)
        Google Play Store v24.7.20
        2020 Version 28.9.12-21

        • Thank you Scott for the details and the feedback. I’m glad to know that the tab back in action. I really appreciate the time you took to feedback with the details. We will update those in our article to reflect the changes.

  67. Hello, I did everything as the video for my Fire 10 HD (9th generation) but Google Play crashes. I was able to put in my email and password but is not opening for me to download apps. What could I have done wrong?


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