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About Commonwealth Games Australia


Who We Are

Commonwealth Games Australia (CGA) is a member-based organisation (our members are the National Sporting Organisations (NSO’s) representing the sports participating in Commonwealth Games), which receives no Federal Government funding and exists to administer, control and coordinate the participation of program sports and their respective athletes and officials in the Commonwealth Games. However, we do much more than this.

We relish the role of being both a leader and collaborative delivery agency in the Australian and international Commonwealth Sport Movement and more generally the Australian sporting sector. We see ourselves as an open, collaborative, supportive and high performing element of the Australian and International Commonwealth Games movement. Our DNA is based on being “first among equals” in everything we do.

We are committed to accurately identifying the specific needs of our members, partners and stakeholders and to developing/delivering systems, programs and support designed specifically to meet these needs.

Our Vision

Pursuing sporting excellence  |  Connecting with communities

Strategic Plan

Download the Commonwealth Games Australia 'First Among Equals' 2019-2026 Strategic Plan.



Commonwealth Games Australia is committed to working with partner sports and high performance partners to ensure the best possible preparation for Australian athletes to compete at the Commonwealth Games.

Commonwealth Games Australia would like to acknowledge our partnerships with the Australian Institute of Sport (AIS), Australia Olympic Committee (AOC) and Paralympics Australia.

As a direct legacy of the Gold Coast 2018 Commonwealth Games, Commonwealth Games Australia are investing $13 million in our sports and athletes across the 19 sports that will form the Australian team at the Birmingham 2022 Commonwealth Games.

Commonwealth Games Australia’s $11 million-dollar sport support program has been renamed ‘Green2Gold2Great‘ in the lead-up to the next Games.

Green2Gold2Great funding is designed to support our national sport partners with financial support to assist with training and programs for their athletes to be at their best in Birmingham.

Commonwealth Games Australia’s $2 million-dollar direct athlete support scheme has been renamed ‘Breakthrough2022’ as the countdown to the Birmingham gathers pace.

Breakthrough2022 funding is designed to directly assist athletes with financial support for their preparations for the Birmingham Games.

Athletes can receive up to $8,000 to support their training and competition activities to assist their performance outcome in Birmingham such as fund international or domestic travel for training or competition, medical support or other training-related expenses.

The Breakthrough2022 program gives emerging and medal potential Commonwealth Games athletes the opportunity to receive direct financial assistance which may have been otherwise unavailable, or to provide more than what would otherwise be available to them.

To ensure easy distribution of funds to athletes, Commonwealth Games Australia is partnering with the Australian Institute of Sport (AIS).

The programs are designed to help our team go from Green2Gold2Great and help athletes to Breakthrough2022 at the next Games to keep Australia as the No. 1 nation in the Commonwealth.

State Divisions

CGA is represented at State/Territory level by State Divisions. The role of State Divisions is to assist the CGA in raising funds for each Commonwealth Games team and to promote the Commonwealth Games movement in their respective State/Territory.

  • New South Wales

    Mr Peter Tate
    T: (02) 8736 1254
    E: nsw@commonwealthgames.com.au

  • Victoria

    Mr Ian Williams
    T: 0419 555 987
    E: ian.williams@bigpond.com

  • South Australia

    Mr Barry Stanton
    T: (08) 8235 1003
    E: sa@commonwealthgames.com.au

  • Western Australia

    Ms Lisa Lilleyman
    T: (08) 6168 9185
    E: lisa.lilleyman@olympics.com.au

  • Tasmania

    Ms Mandy McIntyre
    T: 0408 126 883
    E: tas@commonwealthgames.com.au


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