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10 Best Floodlight Cameras to Upgrade Your Home Security

Usual security cameras give you barely any visuals at night, and sometimes even at very low quality. It is high time to upgrade to an enhanced floodlight security camera if you want better visibility at night. They give you superior nighttime visuals along with potential bright light.

Here we have a list of some of the most advanced floodlight cameras to look out for in 2022.

Arlo Pro 3

The Arlo Pro 3 is a great floodlight security cam that you can get. It is an outdoor security cam that doubles itself as a floodlight. This floodlight security cam comes with motion sensors and gives you real-time intruder alerts. The outdoor floodlight camera offers 2000 lumen brightness that illuminates your outdoors for added security.

This home outdoor surveillance cam from Arlo includes an HDR 2K camera module that records footage in 2K HD. The Arlo Pro 3 is multifunctional and wire-free. You can install and reinstall the floodlight camera on any spot you wish. This floodlight camera offers colored night vision as well.

The Arlo 3 Pro features an inbuilt siren to scare off intruders. The powerful AI object detection keeps a keen eye on almost anything. You can pair it up with Alexa or Google Assistant and control it with voice commands. A thing to note is that most of the features of the Arlo Pro 3 need a subscription plan. You’ll need to upgrade yourself to get a 4K live stream, AI detection, and added cloud storage.


  • 2K footage recordings are excellent
  • Coloured Night Vision is an added benefit
  • No wired Installation
  • Battery Powered


  • Requires subscription for Cloud storage
  • Expensive
  • Requires a hub

Key Features: WiFi Connectivity | Superior 2000Lumen LEDs | 2K HDR | 160° diagonal viewing angle | Wireless Setup| Smart Alerts| two-way audio | AI Human Detection | Motion Sensor | Rated IP67

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Eufy Security Floodlight Camera

The Eufy Security Floodlight Camera has in fact earned some reputation lately. It is simply because of its sheer build quality and smart features. The device comes with a dual-LED light source under which the camera housing rests. The camera lets you record footage in HD 1080p. There’s night vision, motion detection, and smart AI-based detection to give you better home surveillance.

This floodlight camera includes a dual 2500 lumen LED source. It scares off intruders when motion gets detected. There is the 2-Way Audio to give enhanced security. The Eufy Security app is where you could control and access recorded footage.

From the app, you can even access live streaming even when you’re not in your home. With real-time alerts, you could be double sure about your home security with the Eufy Floodlight Security Cam. Like most of the new security devices, this floodlight home security camera supports the Smart Home Assistants. But yet the features are limited when you switch to voice controls.


  • 1080p video is crisp
  • Local video storage
  • Bright floodlights
  • Color night vision


  • Limited voice control option
  • No expandable storage

Key Features: WiFi Connectivity | 2500 Lumen Brightness | HD 1080p Recording | 150° diagonal viewing angle | Eufy Security app-based operation | Smart Alerts | Two-way audio | Motion Sensor | Rated IP65

eufy security Floodlight Camera, 1080p, No Monthly Fees, 2500 Lumens, Weatherproof,...
  • Time to Upgrade Your Floodlights: Enhance your security by adding surveillance, human detection,...

Feit HD Smart Floodlight Security Camera

The Feit Smart Floodlight Security Cam records in 1080p and keeps an eye on your home 24/7. It is one of those minimal yet simple Floodlight Security Cameras that doesn’t come with any fancy subscription gimmicks.

This Smart Floodlight camera comes with a dual-LED light source. It gives a combined brightness of 3000 lumens. The device includes smart features like motion detection and zone-based surveillance.

With the WiFi, you can connect the cam with your smartphones on the go. Once you’ve got in through the initial settings, you can access live footage right on your smartphone. The real-time intruder alerts are reliable and efficient. Thanks to the inbuilt motion and IR sensors, this wireless security camera takes good care of your home without burning a hole in your pocket.


  • Brightness levels suit the camera
  • Visuals are crisp and detailed
  • Durable and affordable


  • Limited voice controls
  • Not many smart features included

Key Features: WiFi-enabled | 2500 Lumen brightness | HD 1080p  | 270° FOV | Smart App | real-time alerts | Two-way audio | Motion Sensor | Rated IP65 | Intruder alert | Wired Setup | Smart Home Assistant support

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Hiseeu Floodlight Camera

The Hiseeu Floodlight Camera is solar powered. It comes with a dedicated solar panel that powers up the device. The solar panels cut the need for any hectic external powering. This floodlight camera includes a superior 1080p Camera module. It records in full HD and the visuals are pretty much neat and vibrant.

The 130° FOV also adds a degree of enhanced security. There’s also the color IR Night Vision, which by the way is pretty crisp. The device features a dual LED light source that’s powered by the mammoth 12000 mAh internal battery. The LED light source gives out a combined brightness of 2500 lumen.

The Hiseeu Floodlight Camera is fully wireless. The wireless connectivity includes WiFi. And yeah, there aren’t any wired physical setups that steal away its luster.  There’s the app-based setup and other added features that make it a great contender in this league. The device includes the Two Way talk and the Intruder detection that comes in handy.


  • Night vision is exceptional
  • Good build quality
  • Affordable
  • battery backup is the best in its class


  • App UI is glitchy
  • Not so bright LEDs
  • FOV isn’t enough

Key Features: WiFi-enabled | 2500 Lumen brightness | HD 1080p  | 160° FOV | Smart App | real-time alerts | Two-way audio | Motion Sensor | Rated IP65 | Intruder alert | Smart Home Assistant support | Solar Powered | 12000 mAh battery

Hiseeu Solar Powered Floodlight Camera Wireless Security Camera,12000mAh Rechargeable...
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Eufy Security Floodlight Cam 2 Pro

The Eufy Floodlight Cam 2 Pro is a stylish, and modern smart home security gadget that you can get online. It’s one of those flagship devices from Eufy that has made a name for itself. The key aspect of this floodlight cam is that it offers 360° surveillance.

The Cam 2 Pro comes with not 2 but 3 LED panels. It gives a combined brightness of 3000 lumens. This is enough to illuminate anything that’s within a radius of 400ft. This security cam offers recording at 2K resolution. It also features HDR which enhances the footage as a whole.

With the Eufy Security app installed on your smartphone, you can access a wide range of smart features. The device connects with your smartphone via WiFi. Some of the smart features can be controlled via voice assistants. When it comes to the power, unlike the ones you saw above, the Eufy FloodLight Cam2 Pro needs to be hardwired. There isn’t an inbuilt battery that powers the device.


  • Excellent video quality
  • Great motion tracking
  • A powerful companion app
  • Powerful tri-panel light source


  • No expandable storage, ie; no cloud storage
  • Needs to hardwire the unit

Key Features: WiFi-enabled | 3000 Lumen brightness | 2K HDR | 360° FOV | Eufy Security App-based setup | real-time alerts | Two-way audio | Motion Sensor | Rated IP65 | Intruder alert | Wired Setup | Smart Home Assistant support

eufy security Floodlight Cam 2 Pro, 360-Degree Pan and Tilt Coverage, 2K Full HD, Smart...
  • 360° Pan and Tilt Camera Coverage: Pan the lens 360° horizontally to get a complete view without...

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Amcrest Floodlight Camera

The Amcrest Floodlight Camera is a smart home security camera that can record in HD 1080p at 30fps. It offers a 114° FOV which by the way is fairly limited. The camera also includes a speaker and an inbuilt mic. Apart from the two-way audio, there is a powerful siren. The siren gets activated once any unwanted motion gets detected.

What’s more, the device flaunts wireless WiFi that lets you connect it with your smartphones. The Amcrest Smart app is from where you could access all the smart features. You can also adjust the sensitivity of the motion sensors, reduce the LED intensity, and many more with ease.

This wireless Floodlight Security Camera comes with a dual-LED panel. It offers a combined brightness output of 2000 lumens. Unlike other smart floodlight cams, this one you see here gives you up to 256GB of expandable storage. And if you think that’s not enough, then you could always go for the cloud storage which by the way requires a subscription.


  • 1080p HD camera that captures high-definition video easily
  • 110db security siren offers improved security
  • Simple and elegant design


  • occasional glitches
  • The app UI is a real pain
  • Limited coverage with a low field of view

Key Features: Dual LED Panel | 3000 Lumen brightness | 1080p | 114° FOV | real-time alerts | Two-way audio | Motion Sensor | Rated IP67 | Intruder alert | Intruder Siren  | Smart Home Assistant support | Alexa and Google Assistant support

Amcrest Floodlight Camera, Smart Home 1080P Security Outdoor Camera Wireless WiFi with...
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ieGeek FloodLight Camera

The ieGeek Floodlight Camera flaunts the coolest design. The curvy and eye-catchy design is the first thing that you’ll notice at the first gaze. The central housing includes two LED panels. The combined 2600 lumen brightness from these LEDs illuminates everything within its vicinity.

This security cam offers 2K recording at 30fps. What’s more, there’s enhanced night vision along with the color toggle option. The PIR Motion Detection and smart Siren is another feature that’s worth mentioning. The device lets you adjust its sensitivity via the app. The intruder alarm is something that’s good enough.

The 130° FOV along with the Motion Detection plays a crucial role in keeping your home safe from intruders. A thing worth mentioning is that the floodlight cam offers you up to 128GB of internal storage space. This means you would store a mammoth amount of visuals and footage right in your local SD.


  • Good build quality
  • Recorded footages are reasonable for the price
  • Simple and elegant design
  • Smart features are pretty much innovative


  •  Battery consumption is a bit high
  • Limited coverage with a low field of view

Key Features: Dual LED Panel | 3000 Lumen brightness | 1080p | 130° FOV | real-time alerts | Two-way audio | Motion Sensor | Rated IP65 | Intruder alert | Intruder Siren  | Smart Home Assistant support | Alexa and Google Assistant support

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Geeni Sentry WiFi Floodlight Camera

Geeni Sentry WiFi Smart Floodlight Security CameraThe Geeni Sentry WiFi Smart Floodlight Security Camera is fairly new when you are talking about security cameras. Its quite elegant and classy in design but is smaller in comparison.

The floodlight camera offers full HD footage recording. Despite being one of the cheapest options out there, you still get good video quality and enhanced surveillance. Apart from the enhanced resolution, there’s a FOV of 140° which by the way is pretty much standard. While it’s different in design, it still flaunts almost similar specs to the ones in our list.

There is WiFi that lets you connect it with your smartphones. With the app installed, you’ll be able to access live streams and other key features. And what’s more, this one also offers smart assistant support. Hence you could control certain features of the floodlight cam with your voice commands.


  • Affordable price
  • Decent camera performance
  • Slim and classy design


  • Not easy to install as the device requires hardwiring
  • Limited features

Key Features: Dual LED Panel | 2100 Lumen brightness | 1080p | 140° FOV | real-time alerts | Two-way audio | Motion Sensor | Rated IP65 | Intruder Siren  | Smart Home Assistant support | Alexa and Google Assistant support

Geeni Sentry Wi-Fi Wireless Smart Floodlight Security Camera, 2-Way Audio, Motion Sensor...
  • LIVE STREAM FROM ANYWHERE: Full HD live streaming lets you monitor your home in real time from your...

Google Nest Cam With Floodlight

Google Nest Cam With Flood Light

The Google Nest Cam with FloodLight is Google’s own smart home security camera that comes with the added benefit of dual LED floodlights. It is basically a Nest Cam Outdoor that’s attached to two powerful 2400 lumen motion-sensing LED lights.

The outdoor floodlight camera offers 1080p HD video along with night vision, a 130° FOV and rather flashy Two Way Audio, and many more. It comes with smart features like Human detection and object detection. But the thing is, you’ll need to go with a subscription package cause if not, you’ll only be left with 3 hours of continuous surveillance.

Also, there isn’t a siren or physical intruder alert. But with Google’s trust and lightning-fast real-time notifications, the Nest Cam Floodlight is a worthy contender in the league.


  • Quick and free smart alerts
  • Inbuilt battery
  • Reliable and durable


  • Requires subscription
  • Expensive

Key Features: Dual LED Panel | 2100 Lumen brightness | 1080p | 130° FOV | Real-time alerts | Two-way audio | Motion Sensor | Rated IP65 |Google Assistant inbuilt

Buy from the Google Store

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Ring Smart FloodLight

The last one on the list is the Ring Smart FloodLight. We’ve decided to add this cause it’s one of the finest external motion sensors including floodlight that you can get online. It is one of the finest smart lights to couple up with your existing outdoor security cam.

This dedicated floodlight offers 2000 lumens of brightness. There’s also the enhanced motion detection, which by the way is Nest Cam’s star feature. You can couple it up with almost any of the Ring Security Cam to get real-time notifications and intruder alerts.

What’s more, it is exclusively compatible with Alexa. If you’re having an Echo Dot or Echo Show things could get quite easy for you. A thing to keep in mind is that you’ll be needing the Ring Bridge to establish a secure connection with your Ring Outdoor Security Cam.


  • Inbuilt motion sensors are quite good
  • Easy pairing with Ring Security devices
  • Durable design


  • Requires a Ring bridge to establish the connection
  • Expensive

Key Features: Dual LED Panel | 2000 Lumen brightness | Durable | Dual Motion Sensors | Motion Activated Notifications | Customizable Settings | Weatherproof | Works with Alexa

Ring Smart Lighting – Floodlight, Wired, Outdoor Motion-Sensor Security Light, Black...
  • A motion-activated floodlight that shines 2000 Lumens of brightness on driveways and other areas...

The best floodlight cams enhance live visuals and recordings. These floodlights offer better clarity to your footage, making every bit of detail crisp and clear. Of course, the ones on the list cost a pretty penny, but the way they enhance your home security is simply unmatched. So yeah, we believe you’ve found the best floodlight cam that suits your home to enhance security.

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